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We are proud to have Deep Roots In The South!  And, we would be proud to assist with helping you find your Southern roots, and understanding the history of the places your ancestors called home. Here’s how we plan to do it:

First, we will be continuously adding and updating the tools and resources on our site dealing with the genealogy and history of the South. We will not overwhelm you with a bewildering array of websites – some useful, some not. We will publish only those tools and resources that we feel are useful to you in your quest for your Southern roots. And all will be ones that we have personally used, or at least know to be reliable . We will always be looking for the “better mouse trap,” and if you think you know of one, we would love to hear from you so that we can share it with others.

Second, by providing our News blog, we hope to keep you updated about the latest happenings and developments ing genealogy, with a focus on Southern genealogy. We welcome your participation as we all share our individual expertise and experiences that may help other family historians.  One note though: we do not intend to let this blog become just another “Looking for my great-grandpa” forum. Very few people will be concerned about who your great-grandpa was, but may be interested in HOW you found out who he was. Click here to submit your questions or comments.

And then finally, when you feel you need professional assistance, we are here. You may just need that one record or photo a thousand miles away, or just don’t have the time to filter out the seemingly endless information out there. We are offering limited services to begin with, but if you don’t see what you need, we would still love to talk to you about your needs. See What We Do for a list of the services we currently provide. Watch for new services we will be adding in the future.

We’re just getting started, so please be patient. We want to become YOUR source for Southern genealogy and history; and one you will consult over and over. And whether you do it on your own or pay us to help you, we will feel we’ve accomplished our mission if you are able to knock down that “brick wall” or discover that elusive gggrandmother.

So let’s get started!



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  1. My mother descends from Martin Venable b. 1808-1818 d. 1895 and Lucy Moon b. abt 1820-d. abt 1862 in Jackson County Georgia. The parents of Martin is my brick wall. I have looked at the Index of the 1820 Census of Georgia. The only people in all of Georgia with the last name of Venable are the sons of Captain John Venable (Rev War-VA 1740-1811). They are Robert, Abraham, Charles, John, Nathaniel, and William. Since these sons of Capt. John Venable were the only Venables in the entire state of Georgia as early as 1820, and Martin was born there before 1820, one of them must be the father of my Martin Venable. Any help to determine the parents of Martin with some type of document to confirm will be extremely helpful. I am struggling to trace my Venable family line so that I may leave it to my children and grandchildren. Thank you, Linda Scarborough

    • I too am descended from Martin Venable. I have not been able to locate documentation of his parents. His obituary did not list parents. Have you obtained any updated information regarding his lineage?

      • In reply to Barbara Bushnell regarding Martin Venable. I am still looking for documentation of Martin Venable’s parents. I have much info on Martin but nothing to confirm who his parents were. You can contact me directly on my email at lindascarborough2011@ymail.com. I am always interested in sharing information on family history.

    • FYI: Refering to Martin Venable (1810-1898) with wife Lucy Moon (1820-1860) . His listed parents were Robert Venable (1765-1844) married to Isabell Martin(1766- ).
      Robert’s parents were John Venable (1740-1811) married to Agnes Moorman(1743-1809)
      John’s parents were Abraham Venable II married to Martha Davis(1703-1756)
      Abraham Venable II’s parents were Abraham Venable I (1661-1710) married to Mary Elizabeth Lewis(1665-1755)
      Abraham Venable I’s parents were Sir Thomas Venable (1643-1733) married to Margeria Shawe (1639-1700)
      There is more.. Family home was in Chesire, England


        In September of 2015, I had very detailed email conversations with Darrell McGraw. I asked for some type of proof/documentation of Isabell Martin as second wife of Robert Venable b.abt 1766 and mother of Martin Venable as it seems many people are copying his Venable Family Charts. He reviewed his work and replied as follows:

        Linda Scarborough
        09/21/15 at 7:24 PM
        I have removed Isabelle Martin from the chart of Robert Venable. When I reviewed my sources, I had listed a post on OneWorldTree from Ancestry.com, and I have been unable to verify that data. Thank you again for pointing that out. I am slowly working on verifying all the facts in my family tree.
        Thank you,
        Darrell L. McGraw, Knoxville, TN

        I have left off his email address as I did not feel I should list it here, but he puts it out there very freely and should be easy to locate. Please feel free to contact him to confirm.

        I thought it was important to share this new information from Darrell McGraw to other Venable researchers since prior notations from him regarding Isabell Martin will forever be out there on the internet.

        There was a Robert Venable d.1832 in Jackson Co, GA married to Isabell Montgomery, but that much younger Robert Venable was the son of Charles Venable s/o of Capt. John Venable. He was too young to be the father of Martin. This is documented.

        I have researched this Venable line for many years and believe Robert Venable b.abt 1766 and wife Judith Jackson are the parents of Martin Venable, but still need to locate a document to confirm. I hope I live that long!

  2. Samuel Edmund Collins (1720-1796) was granted a large “Cherokee Land Grant” Dated 5 Nov 1785 in Jackson-Franklin counties. It was later occupied by his son Zachariah A. Collins (1762-1824).
    In 10 Oct 1815 Zachariah sold a 400 acre portion of this Land grant and on the deed is the statement that it was formerly owned by Edmund Collins.
    Is more info available? Zachariah had 2 brothers, Robert and Abraham, who “disappeared” from the Camden district of SC after 1789. Also a brother William disappeared from Wilkes county ,GA 1790-1793
    C T Collins cdsc63@cox.net

  3. This is C.T. Collins giving further info.
    I got a copy of 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery, compiled by Mize and Richardson. downloaded from Amazon
    Book info was compiled from Cherokee Land Lottery by James Smith 1838
    Listed is a GGGG grandfather as follows:
    /8-1-126 / Collins, Edmund / r.s. / Ross,Monroe /.
    So, a revolutionary soldier named Edmund Collins received a Cherokee land grant designated 8-1-126, prior to Jan 1, 1832. He was living in ross district of Monroe County, GA.
    Now… where is listed his revolutionary war record…

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