Tools for Genealogy

Genealogy Software/Family Tree Databases

  • RootsMagic – There are alot of good programs out there, but our favorite is RootsMagic.  It is easy to learn and use for beginners, and has all the necessary tools for professional genealogists.  A FREE version is available that lacks some of the features of the full version, and the full version is relatively inexpensive.


  • County Formation Maps – Can’t find a record of gg-grandpa’s 1845 marriage in Gordon County, Georgia records?  You won’t, since Gordon County was formed from Cass County in 1850.  Cass County is where you should be searching.  However, there is no Cass County now – its name was changed to Bartow County in 1861.  You could have saved yourself alot of wasted time and frustration by consulting these maps. Access to the maps is FREE.  Select your state from the menu, then scroll down to see the formation maps.


  • You only need this one!
    Convert liters to quarts, rods to feet, etc. Calculate/determine dates – all from the same entry field. See the following examples, but it will do so much more – use your imagination and you may have trouble “putting it down”!
    (27 centimeters to inches)
    (year 1889 – 86 years 4 months 21 days) – date of birth from a gravestone
    (when was easter 1912)
    (my great grandmother’s sisters nephew) –
    relation to me