Cherokee County Deeds Now Online – FREE

Kudos go to the Cherokee County, Georgia Clerk of Courts’ office for making Cherokee County deeds available online and free to the public.  To my knowledge, Cherokee county is the only one in North Georgia to provide online access to all of its deeds at no cost to the public.  At least one North Georgia county (Floyd) allows online access to its deeds for a fee.  Many U.S. county records, such as marriage and probate have become available online, but due to the sheer volume of deeds, these records have been slow in coming online.  Cherokee County has risen to the challenge.  Hopefully, others will soon follow their lead.

On the Cherokee County site, recent deeds are indexed and easily searchable online.  However, historians and genealogists are more likely interested in older deeds and these are not indexed online.  This is not a problem since the images of the actual index books at the courthouse are available on the site.

Using the Site

To access the site, go to  From here, you can search for deeds or if you know the book and page you can go to it from here.  To search for older deeds, select OnPoint from the menu.  Then click on Accept. This will take you to the Index Book Search screen.

Select the appropriate index book from the “Index Book Series” (Book 1 is the earliest).  Then select either the Grantor (Direct) or Grantee (Reverse) index.  Finally, enter a Last Name and click on the Submit button.  Follow the link in the results to show the first page in that section of the index book.  If you find a deed you are interested in, make a note of the book and page from the index and enter that information into the Deed Search boxes above.  Then click on “Deed Search.”  The image of the deed will appear and from this screen you can view and print the deed.

If you know of other counties in one of the southern states which have made their deed records available online, at no cost, I would love to hear from you.  I’ll be sure and share this information with everyone in our DeepRootsInTheSouth community.


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